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Cherry Wood Charcuterie Board With Black Walnut Accent and Handle

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Cherrywood charcuterie board with Walnut accent and handle. Finished in a food grade oil & beeswax mixture to give it a beautiful sheen.

If you would like clear rubber feet on the bottom of the board, you can select that in the "Add-Ons" section, and we will add them on for you. The clear rubber feet provide stability and avoid the surface marring associated with dark rubber.

Also available as an "Add On" are our very own 2 oz. and 8 oz. Board Wax. This is our very own wax we make using a food grade oil and bees wax mixture, and the same wax we use when we finish our cutting and charcuterie boards!

Size: 21 in. x 12.25 in. x .75 in. (approximately)

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